Will I finally finish all of my knitting projects in lock-down?

Will I finally finish all of my knitting projects in lock-down?

After all the years I’ve spent saying I don’t have the time to finish a project, or even pick up the needles, I finally have all the time in the world. But time, it seems, isn’t the problem when it comes to my motivation for knitting!

For the past two years, I’ve been continuously employed and since September, I’ve been studying for my MSc as well.

As my workplace is now shut and I am unable to work from home, as well as having no more university teaching, I have all the time in the world.

So, am I being productive? NO!

Having lost all sense of routine, and normality in my life, I am at a complete loose end. If it wasn’t for my flat-mate working his usual 9-5 from home, I probably wouldn’t be dressed before midday!

So here are my tips for keeping motivated (and staying sane):

Wake up and do your normal morning routine!

Whether that’s showering, getting dressed in clothes that aren’t pyjamas, eating your breakfast, having a coffee? Just do something to feel normal. I usually wake up around 7am, read the news with a coffee, scroll on Instagram, and put on a bra and t-shirt.

Rarely am I wearing anything but pyjama bottoms on my legs at the moment because they’re just so comfy. I am certainly not going to sit around in jeans all day for no reason…

Recently I have tried spending the first hour of each day brainstorming my blog and design ideas. It could be anything from blog titles to paragraphs to be included. I find my creativity and motivation is flowing in the mornings! (as long as there is coffee…)

Set out a rough plan for your day

At the moment I try and do some coursework for the first part of the morning, have some breakfast then carry on.

If I fancy it, I’ll try and go for a run in my lunch break. In the afternoon, as I lose all concentration, I focus on my knitstagram and blog.

I stop all work on my laptop from around 5:30, and this is when my knitting motivation kicks in.

The most important thing here though, is you do not need to be 100% efficient and “successful”.

During these uncertain times, don’t put pressure on yourself to work to your absolute maximum, or feel the need to “improve yourself” – as I keep seeing people post online.

If you manage to come out the other side of this lockdown the same as you went in, then that is amazing.

Try and organise your craft supplies

I have recently split my yarn stash into:

a) yarn I’ve bought because I like it/no purpose and leftover yarn from other projects.

N.B. Does anybody else walk into every single haberdashery and come out with a handful of sirdar minis for absolutely no reason other than they’re cute? No? me neither…

b) needles and a useful pencil case stay out and handy,

c) fabric and sewing supplies and

d) projects on the go or things to complete.

I don’t think I’ll ever find a place in our little flat for my sewing machine that doesn’t annoy my flat-mate…

I can’t express how much this has sparked my knitting motivation. Finding all of my stash, and sorting it into easily accessible places, has led me to be more productive than ever!

I ordered a Chilly’s water bottle and coffee cup a year ago. The packaging came in really useful for my needles and hooks! I absolutely love sustainable products and sustainable packaging.

Use what you have

Instead of buying things online for new projects, putting strain on already overstretched postal workers, use what is in your home!

This is your chance to come up with new ideas and use that wool you’ve owned for 15 years that you don’t even like anymore (come on, we all have some.)

I use drops design a lot to find free patterns for random yarns I have floating around (however I am seriously lacking in circular needles… can someone please make a site for free patterns just on straight needles!?)

I found a jumper I started over a year ago which I have only now had the motivation to finish knitting. The jumper is the ‘Julia Sweater‘ from Wool and the Gang which I hope to finish soon!

Teach your children and loved ones your craft

In this strange time of homeschooling and social distancing, try and revive the art of knitting and crochet even more! As the crafts are once again becoming increasingly popular, it is an excellent opportunity to teach younger generations.

With so many free options of video calling available, from Skype and Zoom to House Party, it can be easier than ever to teach people from afar.

Carry on loving what you do

I love just sitting in the evening knitting and watching a film. Even though I didn’t have a wild social calendar before all of this, I used to work evenings quite a few days a week. Now I have the luxury of being able to stay inside and do what I love.

I have written this blog from a position of complete privilege. Although I am only being paid 80% of my wage over the next few weeks, which will make money very tight- at least I am being paid. At least I am able to protect my health and self-isolate in a warm, safe home. I can afford food and I will never go hungry.

At least my biggest worry is how to organise my time effectively!

If you have any tips for staying creative and motivated to knit during this time, please let me know!

Stay safe and keep knitting,

Em x

4 thoughts on “Will I finally finish all of my knitting projects in lock-down?”

  • I definitely feel you. I was giving the excuse of no time all these while and I find that even during lockdown, I’m still not doing what I wanted to do. But i try. I convince myself to do at least 1/2 hour a day is still a progress.

    • Hi Puspha, that is the key- do as much as you can and don’t force yourself to! I feel especially with social media, that everyone appears to be fully productive from morning to night at the moment. This simply isn’t the case for 99% of us- but that isn’t what you see! Keep on going, that 1/2 hour a day will still add up over the course of the next few weeks, and as you say- progress is still progress! I have finally finished my first project of this lock-down period, after 5 weeks- i planned to have it done after week one, but i’m still so glad i managed to finish it ( it’s over here if you wanted to see! https://asitw.co.uk/2020/04/19/wool-and-the-gang-review-julia-sweater/)
      Stay safe and keep on going!

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