Wool and the Gang Kinda Magic Socks Review

Wool and the Gang Kinda Magic Socks Review

The Product

In this blog, I review the ‘Kinda Magic Socks’ from Wool and the Gang.

The yarn used is self-patterning, meaning that all you need to do is keep knitting in the round and the pattern will appear- pretty cool hey!

This yarn was produced in a collaboration with Schachenmayr Regia, a German company, who have over 65 years of experience in producing sturdy beautiful sock yarns.

Now be warned! This is an advanced knitting kit.

If it is your first time knitting socks, this will be incredibly frustrating as tension is key. If your tension is not perfect, you will not see the pattern form!

The Price


I bought the yarn from my Mum’s local independent craft shop, Love Stitch (definitely check them out if you’re visiting the Wirral, they run amazing classes in their wonderful shop!)

When you buy the yarn in a shop it comes with the pattern but no needles. So I also bought 2.75mm needles separately to the yarn. Overall this worked out a lot cheaper than buying it online.

 If you buy through Wool and the Gang they only sell the kit with 2.25mm, 2.5mm and 2.75mm needles, which ends up being £30.00 for just the one pair of socks! However, if you purchase 5 pairs at the same time, it works out to be better value

The Yarn


The Kinda Magic Socks come in 5 colourways, all of which I absolutely love. This time I chose ‘Feline Good’ which is blue and green with flecks of pink in a leopard print pattern.

The yarn is made of 75% Virgin Wool and 25% polyamide. Once completed the Kinda Magic Socks can be machine washed. They also come with a ten year guarantee so you know they will last!

I can’t find the environmental facts for this yarn- but if it’s going to last up to ten years then that’s good enough for me!

The yarn has an easy start tab, you just need to make sure you cast on in the right place to begin with. You have to use Wool and the Gangs pattern with this yarn, otherwise the actual pattern on the sock won’t work.

The Process


The socks are knitted from the top down, with a few rows of 1×1 rib at the cuff. After that, it’s smooth sailing in stocking stitch and you only begin decreasing at the toe.

The heel stitches are picked up at the end, and knitted in exactly the same way as the toe. They knit up super-fast – don’t you just love knitting in the round??

But, your tension has to be perfect

There are lots of steps within the pattern where you can adjust your tension, and it may even take a few needle sizes to get it right. As I said, I used 2.75mm needles, but I have never had to knit so tightly in my life. I could barely move the stitches! I definitely needed 2.5mm needles, but I’m happy with the quirky little pattern that came out.

 Everyone knits differently so even though this is worked for me it may not for you!

The one thing I love about this is the helpful YouTube videos WATG have produced alongside the pattern, so when it comes to picking up the heel and sewing it up they guide you through it perfectly!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the process of knitting these socks, especially as a first time sock knitter!

The Fit


After speaking to a few people on Instagram, a few of us have found the sizing to be a bit big. After giving this some thought I’m wondering if it’s to account for all different widths of feet, as there’s nothing in the pattern to adjust for narrower or wider.

I’m really happy with how they fit me- if I made them again I would probably size down.

The ones I have made are certainly no issue. The heel is lovely and cushioned and the whole sock feels great on!

The Result & Verdict


A pair of imperfect Kinda Magic Socks that I adore, and I cannot wait to get my hands on another pair!

I will definitely go for the candy claws colour next. It is gorgeous!

This project has ignited my love for double pointed needles, knitting in the round and knitting socks. It’s such an effective self-patterning yarn, and if you have the patience I believe anyone can master it.

This is my second WATG Kit review- make sure you check out my first here!

Has anyone else been watching Tiger King on Netflix? Let me know in the comments what you thought of it! I knitted up these ferocious feline socks whilst binge watching the docuseries.

I hope you enjoyed this review! Until next time…

Em x

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    • Hi Katherine, I am so glad you feel inspired and enjoyed reading this blog! Knitting socks is so satisfying- definitely give it a go. I am creating some tutorial videos at the moment, so if you do feel inspired to pick up the needles, check back here soon!

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