Robinson Cardigan Review

Robinson Cardigan Review

Hello everyone! Before we jump into the Robinson Cardigan review, I want to apologise for such a long absence from writing. The past few months have been a rollercoaster of a time. The global pandemic has altered my life in so many ways. However, other than being locked in since March, I think all of the changes have been for the better. I am very fortunate to have my health and for all of my family to all be safe and well. I count my blessings for this every day! 

Although I’ve been absent from posting on here, I’ve tried to keep up with my Instagram. I’ve still been knitting away at home! I’ve also spent a lot of time in the background thinking about different content to create, so hopefully things will be posted a lot more consistently on here. So please don’t give up on me yet, I promise the best is yet to come…

Today I am letting you know the ins and outs of the Robinson Cardigan knitting kit from Wool and the Gang. This is a project which I finished in the middle of May. I feel like it’s the most underrated kit from WATG as I have barely seen anyone post about it. Its probably my favourite kit to date. If you’re contemplating buying it, read on for my honest opinion on this knitting kit!

The Product:

In this blog, I review the Robinson Cardigan knitting kit from Wool and the Gang. This is a simple stocking stitch cardigan, with a ribbed hem and cuffs and a cable trim. It is all knitted up in Wool and the Gangs Crazy Sexy Wool. The lovely chunky wool made the whole cardigan knit up in less than a week! It is an intermediate knitting kit, but definitely a gentle step up from an easy kit if you haven’t completed one of this level before. 

The Price:


In size 3, with the needles, this kit comes in at an eye watering £117.00. This is the most expensive WATG knitting kit I have used so far! Luckily for me it was a Christmas present from my family, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to afford it. The kit contained 7 balls of crazy sexy wool, 15mm needles (enormous!!) a cabling needle and the pattern.  At time of writing, the pattern cannot be purchased separately.

The Yarn:


The yarn included in this knitting kit is Wool and the Gangs signature Crazy Sexy Wool– extra chunky 100% Peruvian wool, which is a natural, renewable, biodegradable, breathable wool. It is soft squishy and warm- an absolute delight to knit with! I chose the colour Margaux Red which is a deep plum colour and I love it! When I first saw this colour last year in Closs and Hamblin, my local haberdashery in Winchester. I knew then that I needed to knit something in it. So when Christmas rolled around it was an obvious choice for the cardigan.

The Process:


The Robinson Cardigan is a bottom up knit, in three main sections, the back piece, front right and front left. These are sewn together and the arm stitches picked up from the side and knit into the jumper. A simple process, however knitting in the sleeves isn’t for the faint hearted! When you get to this stage the cardigan is so heavy and there is just so much of it. I had to sit on the floor and lay it out in order to do it! So don’t plan to do that stage whilst watching the television in the evening…

This was a great introduction into learning how to cable. I would definitely recommend this as a first-time cable project. The cables are in one direction and 6 stitches across, so once mastered, the Robinson Cardigan is a breeze! There are lots of helpful video tutorials on YouTube by WATG to help with this. I’d definitely recommend checking them out. 

I managed to knit this in less than a week. (Although it was a ‘Lockdown Week’ so I probably spent more time than I normally would knitting.) As always, I put off sewing up the project… oops! Luckily this time there wasn’t a huge amount to sew up, as it is done in stages. 

The Fit


As someone who wears a size 14/16, I found the size 3 fitted me perfectly! It fits well over the arms and bust with a little positive ease, without being oversized. As I am only 5’1″ I took 4 rows of stocking stitch out of each of the sleeves. This combined with the high rib, has given me sleeves that are the perfect length (a very rare occasion!)

The cable around the back of the neck is lovely and cushiony, and the whole cardigan feels so luxurious, soft and warm. I can’t wait for winter to finally be able to wear it!

The Result


A cardigan that is possibly my favourite thing that I have ever made. I cannot wait to wear the Robinson Cardigan, and I guarantee it will be an essential part of my winter wardrobe! It is so versatile and pairs amazingly with both jeans and dresses. I keep trying to wear it on cooler summer evenings, but much to my dismay, it is so thick I start to boil. So instead I will continue counting down the days until the weather is cold enough for this beauty.

Completing the Robinson Cardigan and mastering cabling were on my list of goals for this year . I’m so proud of myself for achieving this!

I really hope you have enjoyed this blog, and that the review is helpful (and may even persuade some of you to give it a go?)

Let me know if you do try it out! If there are any other products you’d like me and review please get in touch. Make sure you read my Kinda Magic Sock and Julia Sweater Reviews!

I am not affiliated in anyway with Wool and the Gang, however if you use code Emma Raftery with your first purchase, we both get 15% off our orders! By using this code, you are helping me continue to produce content.

Stay safe everyone and remember to keep on social distancing even as lockdown is eased.

Until next time, and I promise it won’t be too far away,

Em x

2 thoughts on “Robinson Cardigan Review”

  • The Robinson cardigan looks fabulous Em. The colour is so rich and it looks lovely and warm. Also very impressed with the skill and time taken to knit it! Xx

    • Thank you so much! I am so happy with the finished cardigan and you’re so right about the colour- it’s amazing! Luckily I have some yarn left over so I am aiming to use the skills I learnt in this process to create something else… xxx

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