Meet the Maker: Zoë from The Woolly Grammoth

Meet the Maker: Zoë from The Woolly Grammoth

So today I am back with a new type of blog post that I’ve been dying to do for ages: a ‘Meet the Maker!’ Now, you all know I love the knitting community online. So why not use the platform I have to promote some of the wonderful people I am fortunate enough to be in contact with!

How did I meet the maker?

If you follow me on Instagram you may remember I won the most amazing competition in July. I received a custom crochet bikini top and bucket hat set. I absolutely fell in love with them when they arrived and I have been dying to tell you all about the wonderful maker behind the competition.

The colour I chose was a turquoise blue with daisies- how sweet! I was apprehensive at first as being a plus-sized girl, I’ve always told myself I couldn’t wear a bikini top. I’ve been trying to show myself a little more love recently and found that actually- I rocked the look! The set was so gorgeous and soft.

So without further ado I want to introduce you to Zoë, the incredibly talented maker behind ‘The Woolly Grammoth.’

Zoë is based in Leeds and creates custom crochet and knitted pieces for sale. She is also soon releasing her first crochet bralette pattern! So make sure you’re ready for the pattern drop on the 1st of September. Or if you’re like me, get those crochet skills up to scratch to give it a try!

 Zoë has been crocheting for 3 years now, and knitting for much longer. She started her Instagram page at the start of lock-down to promote the gorgeous NHS bears she was selling. How amazing is that?

In just a few months she has grown her Instagram page to well over 1000 followers, all whilst working and revising for exams. Isn’t she just amazing! I asked her a few questions about herself, so read on to find out a little bit more about her.

When did you learn to crochet?

I learnt to crochet in August 2017 and then didn’t pick it up again properly until March this year. I also learnt to knit when I was 4 and have been on and off knitting but I find crochet more enjoyable for myself.

The Woolly Grammoth crocheted top
One of The Woolly Grammoth’s amazing crochet tops

What was the first thing you made?

The first thing I ever made was actually a super hard crop top that I’ve never made again since but I’m hoping to recreate (without the pattern as I can’t find it.) It’s a blue top and one of my first posts on my page!

What is your favourite thing to make?

My favourite thing to make is a bikini or a bralette for other people but then I also love little plushies as at the beginning of lock-down I started this page to sell my NHS bears.

This photo is part of a collab between @thewoollygrammoth and @emilyiscoolest. Models are @rhiannonprice_xo and @meganbowdenx

What is your favourite yarn to use?

I’ve played around with this after I found so many people using Special Craft DK but my favourite for crochet is still Paintbox Cotton, might be a little bit more expensive but wow it’s lovely!!!

What was it like running an Instagram competition? Would you do one again?

I’ve run two competitions and I want to run another one soon but I sort of need a milestone! I don’t see myself coming to 2000 followers any time soon. The actual running of the competition was easy! I copied wording from other competitions and tweaked it for my competition. This made it easier! I then used an app to pick a winner.

Do you have a selling goal in the next year?

I am actually now struggling with sales because the majority of my sales have been people I know. Although my following has shocked me there’s a lot of creators not consumers on that list. I do however have some new products I want to try but we’ll see if they work. I’m also releasing my first pattern on 01/09/20 to see how that goes- but again I am sceptical about the uptake.

Model and singer ynesmusic is wearing a custom made piece by thewoollygrammoth. Styled by emilyiscoolest
This photo is another collab between @thewoollygrammoth and @emilyiscoolest. The wonderful model is @ynesmusic

How can people find you?

People can find me on my Instagram @TheWoollyGrammoth. My Etsy is the same however, I have not used this enough! There’s only my NHS bears on here that I sold one of through Etsy.

I really hope you enjoyed this ‘meet the maker’ style of post today and you loved getting to know Zoë as much as I did! Make sure you check out all the links in the blog as they take you directly to her pages.

As a recipient of one of her gorgeous custom makes I can assure you they are absolutely beautiful and so well made. If you crochet, be sure to try out her new pattern, releasing on the 1st of September!

If there’s anyone you’d like to get to know in a ‘meet the maker’ post, leave a comment below! As always, I promise to get back to a more regular posting schedule soon. I’ve had an unexpectedly wonderful summer. As lock-down for me comes to an end, I’m starting to gain a bit of normality and routine into my life. (So hopefully that routine will rub off on my blogging??? Who knows at this point. My last post was at the beginning of august…)

Until next time,

Em x

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