20 positives from 2020

20 positives from 2020

Well, here we are. Nearly at the end of one world changing year. 2020 became a year none of us expected, a year full of worry and anxiety, a year where we were all forced to stop. I started thinking about how I would remember 2020, which key parts would stay with me as memories.

My life changed this year, in ways I never expected it to. I experienced my first heartbreak, I lost my flat, I moved back home with my parents. I thought I was going to have to give up on my MSc. After nearly 2 years, I left a job, only to be made redundant from my next one. I spent the best part of a year of my life trapped inside, shielding from Covid-19. At the ripe old age of 22/23 I became scared to leave the house. I didn’t step foot in shop or supermarket for over 120 days.

Reflecting back now, it is finally dawning on me how hard I have found this year. Yet, I don’t want a whole year of my life defined by those moments, by those sad memories. As there has been a lot of good in this year. I have a lot to be thankful for.

I want to remember 2020 for the positives and the unusual moments. For the smiles and joy that came through even in the bleakest of times. For the zoom quizzes and the banana bread. The part of lockdown spent watching Grayson Perry’s Art Club and the Great Pottery Throw-down.

So, to bring this year to a close, I thought I would make a list of 20 positive things that happened. 20 positive memories from 2020 that I can reflect on in years to come.

20 positive memories from 2020

I finally bought a car

After 5 years of Southampton to Liverpool on the train, I finally had the opportunity to buy my first car. Although it is snot green, and the kind of car an old person drives, I LOVE it.

I finished the first year of my MSc

I did my MSc part-time, and not only did I finish my first year, I finished with a 74% average! In my final exam I got 80% too which I was over the moon with. It filled me with so much confidence and determination not to give up and to find a way to finish it.


How lucky was I to go on not one, but 2 holidays this year? I spent nearly 2 weeks camping with my best friend around the North of England starting at the top of the Yorkshire dales, working our way round to County Durham and finishing in Northumberland

I also had the loveliest week away with my parents near York and explored the most gorgeous places. After spending so much time indoors, it was so nice to have a sense of freedom.

My Etsy Shop opened

If you read my first blog post, you’ll know one of my goals for this year was to open my Etsy. In 2020 I can’t say I released alot, but I have so much coming in 2021. So make sure you go and favourite ASITWShop so you don’t miss a thing!

I won a Santander Universities grant

In July I pitched Another Stitch in the Wool as a business concept to a panel at University. Much to my surprise, the loved my idea and gave me a start-up grant. For me, it was such a scary thing talking about essentially myself and my craft and the things I want to make to a panel of strangers. It gave me a boost to actually believe in myself and that there is value in my work. I am still working through the money now and despite a few setbacks I have sooooo much on its way in 2021.

Emma from ASITW hugging a pile of WATG yarn.
Did you know I like yarn? I did a WATG haul- watch the video here!


For the first time in my life I had the opportunity to save money. The first few months of lockdown I was barely scraping by on furlough payments, but once I stopped renting, I managed to save.

My health

I live with Severe Allergic Asthma and Bronchiectasis. This is the first year I can remember where I haven’t had a chest infection. I am the healthiest I have ever been since my diagnosis, and my condition has been stable. The best part is, I can now do all of my treatment at home rather than monthly hospital visits.

Time at home

For some reason, at the age of 17 I wanted to go to university 250 miles away from home. I don’t regret my choice but it was pretty stupid. So for the first time in 5 years I actually had the chance to spend more than a month in the place I grew up.

My family is closer than ever

In these crazy Covid times, we have experienced a lot. From illness to shielding and post-poned weddings we’ve all had a hard year. I feel like though all that’s gone on our little team is stronger than ever.

We have all been Covid-free

I am thankful every day for the fact none of my family have caught it and we’ve all stayed safe. Hopefully that’ll continue into 2021.

I left a job I was unhappy in

There were a few reasons I changed jobs in February, but the main one was because I was unhappy there. I am so proud of myself for managing to go to another interview and move on from there rather than just accepting the way I was being treated.

I got another job

After being made redundant I was so concerned I wouldn’t find another job. Luckily I did, and I now work with really lovely people- even if I do have to wear a waistcoat…

I’ve met some awesome people

In a year where I have never felt more lost, I’ve met so many lovely people who feel the same. It’s nice knowing I’m not the only one out there confused about what they’re doing in these crazy times!

My knitting skills

My knitting has got about 3000% better this year and I feel so much more confident in my abilities. There’s one thing I can thank lockdown for and that’s being stuck inside everyday knitting to my hearts content.

I wrote my first pattern

The Dandelion Daydream Top pattern was released with the help of my wonderful test knitters. It makes me so joyously happy seeing people making my little design. There are so many more in the pipeline and I am so excited to release them in 2021!

I started this blog

I only started in April, but backdated a few posts I’d written out when toying with the idea of starting a blog. This is my lovely little space, where I can post my little ramblings. Since June, I’ve had 500 individual users on the site, and I find that pretty amazing!

I found a new home

My lovely friends gave me a place to live in their house, with their two gorgeous dogs. I honestly don’t know what I would’ve done without them giving me a place to live! How lucky am I, to have them and to be living in a home that makes me so happy.

I landed on my feet in the worst of times

Just when I had thought I’d lost everything, I started my Etsy shop, won a grant, moved in with friends, found a new job and continued with my MSc. I didn’t think any of that was going to happen this year.

I feel more sure of who I am

Pre-lockdown, I had become very lost and unsure of myself. Now, more than ever I feel like I am becoming more ‘Emma’ again. I am completely weird, and I don’t think there’s anything normal about me. But I am 100% myself, and I never pretend to be any different. My name is Emma, I am a strange fake scouser, passionate about everything I do, trying to make the world around me a happier place.

I started running again

When I was a teenager, I used to run, and run, and run. I played hockey 5x a week and loved being active. When I turned 18 my lung problems started and it all stopped. I stopped playing hockey, I stopped going for a run. I was terrified of getting sick again and my illness wasn’t well managed. 5 years later, I have finally got back into long distance running and I am SO happy about it. In November, I even ran 100 miles in a month for charity. It feels a little bit like the old Emma is coming back, bit by bit.

I am proud of myself for making it through this year. It has been the hardest year of my life, and so much has changed. I don’t want to remember the negatives, and I’m lucky there have been so many positives.

Even if you can’t think of 20, maybe try and write down one positive memory you have from this year. One happy moment that made you smile. Then think of that whenever you think of 2020.  Keep that happy thought with you until you can hug your loved ones again, or until you can order a pint without a substantial meal. Let me know in the comments happy 2020 memories you have.

My next blog is coming soon so make sure you follow my Instagram, or check back soon so you don’t miss out!

Happy new year & see you soon!

Em x

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  • you have managed to come so far in a year Emma! Well done, I know it has not been easy. For myself, I feel more positive when I am busy and I feel very lucky that I have been able to turn to my love of crafting during the long hours of lockdown. This past year has been a challenge for so many people and it would be nice to get back to some kind of normal living again. Looking forward to seeing your future designs. Happy knitting X x

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